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Depth Correction Calculator for Nuclear Medicine Split Renal Function Even small asymmetric differences in the distances between the skin and the kidneys can have a substantial effect on 𝛾-photon absorption by the overlying soft tissues, and can adversely affect the accuracy of the measured split renal function. This calculator corrects for these effects. New 2017 Fleischner Society Pulmonary Nodule Follow-Up Recommendations Guidelines for follow-up of Solid, Subsolid, and Ground-glass Nodules Peds Atlas Nuclear medicine Bone Scans at various ages. Volume Calculator Extracts measurements from free text and inserts the calculated volumes based on ellipsoid approximation. Aortic & Pulmonary Artery Diameter Calculator Calculates normal ranges and percentiles of the arterial diameters as a function of patient's age and body surface area. Also can be used as a BSA calculator. Kidney Sizes - Peds Calculates normal ranges and percentiles of kidney sizes at various ages. Spleen Sizes - Peds Calculates normal ranges and percentiles of spleen sizes at various ages. Testicular Volume Calculates normal ranges and percentiles of testicular sizes at various ages. Boomerang Highlights all attendings' edits to residents' reports, to effortlessly provide feedback to residents and fellows. Lost Souls Detects patients who did not obtain the indicated, overdue follow-ups. Blend + Proximity Novel algorithm for suppression of metallic streak artifacts and maximal preservation of soft tissue contrast on dual-energy CT scans. 82-91% radiologists preferred this algorithm over any other single energy level. Engine for Survey-Based Image Comparison Research Framework for facilitation of research studies in which surveys of radiologists are conducted to compare quality of images. True Time Stamp Provides proof that your invention, copyrightable work, design, idea, or document existed today. Virus Epidemic Simulation (Coronavirus) See how decreasing social contacts and preventive measures affect virus spread in a population.

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