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Lost Souls: Radiology Recommendation Tracker  Lost Souls®: Detect & Track Radiology Recommendations

  • Automated detection and tracking of patients who did not obtain the indicated, overdue follow-ups which were recommended in radiology reports.

Objectives of Lost Souls® Recommendation Tracker:

  • Improve patient safety by preventing medical errors.
  • Decrease time-to-diagnosis.
  • Decrease risks of liability to Radiologists and Clinicians.
  • Recover lost revenue by increasing the number of indicated scans.

Severity and Prevalance of Missed Follow-ups:

Problem: Lung nodule was seen and appropriate follow-up was recommended, but follow-up imaging was not obtained, leading to progression of cancer.  Lost Souls Radiology Recommendation Tracker helps to prevent patients being lost to follow-up.
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Solution: Lost Souls Software detects patients who missed a recommended radiology follow-up study, to ensure radiology recommendations are tracked and fulfilled.
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  • Detects past radiology reports that made recommendations for follow-up or biopsy, while understanding various phrasing patterns within reports, to find which patients did not get the appropriate follow-up which may be now overdue.
  • Sorts and Filters the recommendations by relevance and discards the recommendations which were already fulfilled, and optionally discards recommendations which are unlikely to be relevant.
  • Tools to efficiently track and manage the recommendations.
  • Secure Messenger component facilitates communication with clinicians or patients, tracking message delivery, and clinician responses pertaining to whether the test will be performed.
  • Designed and written by a Radiologist, with thorough understanding of all pertinent aspects such as filtering out recommendations of low relevance, estimating the importance of findings, zero-effort usage (no need for radiologists to click any buttons to begin tracking a recommendation, and no need to change reporting style), and streamlined efficient work-flow that makes sense.
  • Scientific Abstract & Presentation at The Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine 2016.


  • Software application accessible from within institutional Local Area Network via most web-browsers (available as a PC tower, 1U rack server, virtual-machine image).
  • Automatically obtains reports from existing dictation software.
  • Optional Secure Messenger component that is accessible to clinicians and patients from the public internet.
  • For residency and fellowship programs, optionally bundled with Boomerang™, the application for providing effortless feedback to residents by highlighting attending's edits to trainee's reports.

Evaluation of Lost Souls® Recommendation Tracking:

  • Available Options:
    • Send your radiology reports from the last 2 years. Receive a list which contains the detected, filtered, and highlighted recommendations that appear to be missing overdue follow-ups, sorted by relevance.
      • Ideally the reports should be de-identified and contain only encrypted MRN and Accession numbers. Assistance is available.
      • Alternatively, to process PHI data, your institution may need to enter into HIPAA-compliant Business Associate agreement with Radiology Universe Institute.
    • Install Lost Souls at your institution.
      • Take advantage of a live, fully-functional installation of Lost Souls at essentially no cost, subject to availability of a demonstration server and geographical restrictions.