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  • This Demo showcases the Blend+Proximity Algorithm. Respondents were presented with this question:
    • These CT myelogram images are from the same CT acquisition, processed using 4 different algorithms, and are displayed using the same "Hounsfield viewing window."
    • You are in charge of selecting the best single algorithm to apply to all future CT myelograms in patients with metallic hardware.
1. View both slices while you complete question #2. Click on any image to toggle, or:

2. Rank all 4 Algorithms by dragging the yellow boxes onto each image, with attention to:
  • Intrathecal contrast material.
  • Metallic streak artifacts.
  • Visualization of tissues.
  • Any qualities that you consider relevant.
(Most Desirable)
(Least Desirable)
3. Your Current Training Level:

Algorithm A
Algorithm B
Algorithm C
Algorithm D