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Aortic and Pulmonary Artery Diameter Percentile Calculator (Adult)

contributed by Michal Kulon, MD on 9/15/2015
Age: years (needed only for aortic calculations)
Body Surface Area: m2 Mosteller   
m2 DuBois   
Ascending Diameter: mm (optional)
Descending Diameter: mm (optional)
Pulmonary Artery: mm (optional)
Calculate Percentile:      

Male Diameter(mm) Percentile Z-score Group Age Range Group BSA Range Average Standard Deviation
Ascending 0 0 -13 0 - 45 0 - 1.7 28.6 2.2
Descending 0 NA NA 0 - 45 0 - 1.7 20.9 NA
Pulmonary 0 Observed:0
-5.82 15.7 2.7
Pulmonary Artery Diameter vs. age