TIP: To see the effects of "protective measures", decrease number of contacts by half, and decrease chance of transmission per encounter by half, such as by using masks & hand-washing. Consider opening in 2 browser windows side-by-side.
Number of People: # Days Asymptomatic: Probability Transmission Asymptomatic (% per day per contact):
Number of Contacts: # Days Symptomatic: Probability Transmission Symptomatic (% per day per contact):
Vaccinated (%): Probability of Death of Symptomatic (%): Simulation slow down (msec/day):
Initial Infections: Symptomatic % patients: Simulation speed-up: Days to skip redrawing
Stop Coronavirus by informing others:
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Stop Coronavirus by informing others:
All numbers used in the simulation are estimates. USA counts are extrapolated from the small population simulated here, and may fluctuate or be inaccurate for categories which contain only a few simulated persons. Day 0 assumes infection prevalance that is a small percentage of the entire population (2 simulated persons, equivalent to 109,066 persons in USA). Each simulated person is randomly assigned specific contacts for the entire duration of simulation, without regard to location.