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Boomerang  Boomerang® Application Summary:
Example: Boomerang by Radiology Universe Institute: Highlights all attendings' edits to residents' reports, to provide feedback to residents and fellows Demo:
  • Due to patient confidentiality, Weather Reports are displayed instead of Radiology Reports for this demo.
  • Demo Account 1: username virginia, password va
  • Demo Account 2: username california, password ca
Demo Login

  • Application accessible from within institutional Local Area Network via most web-browsers (available as a PC tower, 1U rack server, virtual-machine image).
  • Automatically obtains reports from existing dictation software.
  • Optionally bundled with Lost Souls®, the application for automated detection and tracking of patients who did not obtain the indicated, overdue follow-ups.
  • Optionally uses your organization-wide login credentials.